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Liberate africa Pty ltd

Liberate Africamakes investing in high-quality African infrastructure and property projects easy and accessible for both international and national investors.

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for project funding, management, and digital currency investments. Our mission is to empower our clients by offering expert guidance and strategic support tailored to meet their unique needs, ensuring successful project execution and maximizing investment returns in the evolving digital currency landscape. At Liberate, we believe that every great project starts with a solid foundation of financial backing, strategic planning, and smart investments.

With our team of experts, our platform leads the way in innovation. Blockchain, and technology specialists with vast experience in the digital sector, we stand at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements..

International Business Strategy

We aim to empower clients by securing projects and investments, leveraging our digital currency platform to ensure successful execution and maximize returns. Our dedication to financial strength and strategic guidance positions us as the trusted partner for your growth and innovation.

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Company Logo

Our gold logo, featuring a crowned "L," symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It represents our commitment to empowering clients with financial strength and strategic guidance, reflecting our dedication to leadership and growth.


Liberate is a pioneering company dedicated to spearheading impactful initiatives aimed at alleviating poverty and fostering economic growth across Africa. Specializing in fundraising for transformative projects, Liberate operates at the forefront of development, striving to uplift the GDP of nations while creating sustainable change within communities.

Discover the future with Liberate, where tokenizing real-world assets opens up new investment opportunities.

Become part of the movement turning illiquid assets into vibrant growth opportunities.

Liberate empowers you to start your investment journey with a conventional contract and offers the flexibility to tokenize on the blockchain for added benefits like increased liquidity, unalterable clarity, and improved protection at any phase.

We are committed to offering a thorough and supportive platform for tokenized Physical-World Asset (PWA) projects.

By opting to invest in our projects, you unlock access to a diverse array of advantages and services designed to elevate your investment to unprecedented levels.

At Liberate, our vision is to make physical assets more accessible, liquid, and secure. We believe tokenization can revolutionize industries, democratize investment opportunities, and spur economic growth. By joining our marketplace, you become part of a community leading this transformative wave..

Investment Stuctures

We invite you to explore our platform, discover the benefits of asset and investment tokenization, and join us in shaping the future of asset ownership and investment.

Digital Investment Process

Liberate provides a robust digital currency platform that facilitates project funding and investment. By tokenizing real-world assets, we offer investors a secure and flexible way to invest and earn returns based on project net profits. Our comprehensive services include web development, token distribution, marketing, fund management, and seamless integration with decentralized exchanges, ensuring a smooth and efficient investment experience. .

Client Investments


Project Funding


Project Development


Annual Valuation


Investment Returns


Digital Currency Platform
Investors can liberate trade globally.
Investors can easily navigate and select the assets they wish to invest in, and complete transactions securely.

Rewards Program

There are 7 parts to the Investment process

Fiat Exchange

Choose Investment

Choose Period

Art Director

Get Annual Returns

Exchange to Crypto

Exchange to Zar

Exchange to Fiat


Why Fixed Asset Trade

We issue tokens that represent a share or portion of real-world assets or their revenue streams (present or future).


Our goal is to ensure widespread awareness and interest in the investment opportunities available on our platform.


Once a purchase is confirmed, we handle the distribution of tokens to investors ' wallets.


Investors can easily navigate the platform, select the assets they wish to invest in, and complete transactions securely.

How Trade Is Measured
Balance of Trade (BoT)

By purchasing our tokens, investors acquire a portion of tangible real-world assets, such as real estate, infrastructure, or other substantial holdings.

Trade Surplus

The surplus on investments is typically measured as the difference between the income generated by investments and the expenses associated with managing and maintaining those investments.

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Trade Deficit

The deficit is measured as the difference between spending and revenue over a specific period, udually a fiscal year.

Intrafirm Trade

Intrafirm trade on physical assets, the exchange of goods or services between different branches, divisions, or subsidiaries of the same digital asset.

Balance of Payments

Investors then receive the balance of the payments after deducting any expenses, fees, or taxes associated with the investment